The Ultimate Guide To Tracking Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Daniel Wellington’s Influencer marketing campaign has been one of the best examples of how Influencer marketing has helped bring new customers on board. The brand started off with an investment of $ 15k but went on to earn $220 million in revenue with its Influencer marketing strategy. 

Here’s a snapshot from Daniel Wellington’s Influencer marketing campaign- 


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Influencer marketing is a lucrative marketing strategy that can help you reap good profits. Influencers come with niche expertise and content creation skills that brands can effectively use to their maximum benefit. The biggest advantage of working with Influencers is that they help you gain access to a larger target audience. In fact, Influencers are known for their impact on the audience’s lifestyle and purchase decisions. 

When Influencers market your products, it establishes a sense of trust in your brand. Influencers are normal people who have built huge followings with their content creation skills. Every brand that Influencers collaborate with, can enjoy the exposure that they receive as a result. 

While it is true that Influencer marketing comes with a whole range of benefits and perks if you want to run fruitful campaigns that give you results, you need to track. A lot goes into marketing your brand and products on social media. In order to make the most of your Influencer marketing campaigns, you should track them from end to end. 

With the help of this guide, you can track all your Influencer marketing campaigns in an effective, streamlined manner. So, let’s jump right in!

Identify Your Goals 

What is it that you want to achieve through the Influencer marketing campaign? Do you want to increase brand exposure through the Influencer campaign? Or, do you want to increase engagement levels for your content? 

Whatever the goals and objectives that you want to achieve, it is important for you to have clarity about the same. It is vital to be clear about your goals so as to remain focused. When you are tracking the performance of your campaigns, your goals will be helpful in determining if your performance is up to the mark or not. 

Set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals for your social media activity. This will help you attain maximum precision in achieving your goals 

For instance, you may want to increase the sales for your newly launched product through a collaboration with a set of Influencers. Your goal, in this sense, should be framed like this: 

“Increase sales by 25% through Influencer endorsements on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in the next 6 months.” 

Start Tracking KPIs

Once you have clarity about the goal (s) that you want to achieve through your Influencer collaborations, you can start working on tracking your KPIs. Using a social media analytics tool, you can monitor the response on all your social media content.

You can start tracking the KPIs on your social media performance with the help of the social media analytics tool. Depending on your social media goals, you can decide which KPIs you need to focus on more. 

For Increasing Brand Awareness 

If increasing brand awareness is your ultimate goal, you need to start tracking your reach and impressions

How many people saw the content you pushed out on social media as a part of your Influencer marketing campaign? How many times did people see your content? 

The total number of times that people saw your content represents the total number of impressions for that content. Every unique impression by a user represents the reach for that content. 

You can look at the reach and impressions for your content to check if it is bringing you the results you are aiming for. You can track the reach and impressions for individual content pieces. Which content pieces are getting more reach and impressions? Which ones are lagging behind? You can take cues from content pieces which received more reach and impressions to create a content strategy for your Influencer campaigns.  

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For Enhancing Engagement 

Want to improve your engagement levels?

To push up your engagement levels, you need to track your likes, comments, shares, reactions, and retweets. The more people interact with your content through these actions, the higher your engagement level. 

To gain a clearer perspective about the engagement levels for your Influencer marketing campaigns, employ a social media analytics too You can dig deeper and gauge a better idea about the engagement generated on your Influencer marketing campaign with insights derived from the tool. 

You can look at your engagement levels, on a weekly basis for instance. Are you getting the desired level of engagement with your Influencer marketing efforts or not? If yes, you can take inspiration from content pieces that generated higher engagement. If not, you may want to discuss with your Influencer partners how you can revamp the strategy for better engagement. 

Enhancing Brand Image 

Is enhancing your brand image the goal that you want to achieve through Influencer marketing? 

Tracking brand sentiment, as well as the audience interactions and conversations around your brand, using a social media listening tool. By capturing the audience sentiment and conversations around your brand, you can gather an understanding of how your brand is perceived. 

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A social media listening tool will help you monitor the audience reaction towards your brand across social media platforms. You can use inferences from the tool to build a deep understanding of your audience’s sentiment. Accordingly, you can create an Influencer marketing strategy that attends to the pain points of your audience and lives up to their expectations. 

Increasing Sales 

If pushing up your sales is what you wish to achieve, you need to track your monthly revenues. Partnering with Influencers involves investment in terms of money and time. As such, you need to constantly track revenues to know if your Influencer marketing efforts are getting you any profits or not. 

If there has been no significant improvement in your sales, you may want to rethink your strategy. If you are able to push your sales upwards, you can think of more ways to leverage Influencer marketing for scaling up. 

Improve Follower Growth 

It is important to track the growth rate of your followers across social media platforms. Has there been an increase in the number of your followers? OR, has it remained stagnant?

An increase in the number of followers for your social media handles is a sign that your Influencer marketing campaign is doing well. It shows that people are liking your content enough to want to see more of it. However, it is important to know how significant is your follower growth as a result of the Influencer marketing campaign? This will give you clarity as to whether you are moving in the right direction or not. 

Apart from setting goals and objectives, there are other steps you need to take to track your influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Track the engagement rate

  • Engagement rate matters the most in influencer marketing because the aim of this marketing technique is to engage with the target audience. Make sure you keep a check on how well the audience is responding to your content. Everything from likes, comments, shares, reactions can act as a parameter to measure the ER.

  • Analyse the response of your past campaigns

  • When you analyse your past campaigns you not only see whether the influencer marketing strategy worked, you also see where the strategy fell short. This is another way to track your influencer marketing campaigns. Brand marketers can also compare the results of their past and present campaigns to see which strategy appealed more to their audience. This will help you frame impactful influencer campaigns.

  • Measure sales

  • The basic goal of most brands is to increase their sales with the help of marketing campaigns. Any increase or decrease in sales can be indirectly linked to the marketing campaigns you are implementing for your brand. This can be an indicator of the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns.

Use The Influencer Suite- An Influencer Marketing Platform To Track Campaigns 

Employ Influencer Suite by Unbox Social, an Influencer marketing platform, to capture details about your campaigns. This all in one tool helps you track your Influencer campaign progress effectively. You can also generate comprehensive reports for every campaign that you work on. Use this tool to track your Influencer marketing efforts and take your campaigns to the next level. 

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This Influencer marketing platform also helps you discover Influencer talent from across niches and platforms. The tool offers a curated list of Influencers that you can filter through to find an ideal match for your brand. You can scan through the huge list of Influencers on the basis of their engagement rates as well as interactions and accordingly make a decision. 

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Not only that, the Influencer Suite makes your job easier with its campaign brief feature. Using this tool, you can create and send out campaign briefs to your Influencer partners with ease. 

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Summing It Up 

If you are entering into a partnership with Influencers, you should track the campaigns to check if they are helping you achieve your goals. Given the money that you end up investing in running Influencer campaigns, you need to track your campaign performance.

Here is a quick snapshot of this guide to tracking your Influencer marketing campaign: 

  • Clearly define your social media goals
  • Start tracking your KPIs based on your social media goals
  • Constantly track campaign progress and generate campaign reports for maximum efficiency

Tracking your Influencer marketing campaigns is essential for finding out any loopholes or shortcomings in your current strategy. Using insights from tracking your campaigns, you can create more effective and powerful Influencer marketing campaigns.