How To Build Brand Awareness With Influencer Marketing

Statistics show that around 87% of shoppers are moved by Influencers to make purchases. In fact, the Influencer marketing industry is about to become an estimated $10 billion industry by 2022. In this sense, if you aren’t already tapping into Influencer marketing, it’s time to get started. 

Influencers are essentially content creators and people follow them because they get entertained or educated with their content. You can deliver good-quality content by tapping into the potential of Influencers as content creators. Many Influencers boast of a huge follower base on social media platforms. By collaborating with these Influencers, you can leverage their influence to reach out to larger audience segments.  

Now that you have a good idea about why you should collaborate with Influencers, you need to get started. You can start by finding niche Influencers on Influencer marketing platforms. The Influencer Suite by Unbox Social is an Influencer marketing platform where you can easily discover Influencers across platforms. 

Once you have found the right set of Influencers to work with, you can start working on building brand awareness by following these ideas:  

Get Influencers To Showcase Your Products Through Reviews And Demonstrations 

One of the best ways to build brand and product awareness is by getting Influencers to market these products. Instead of presenting your audience with your marketing content all the time, you can bring Influencers to showcase your products.  

Influencers are essentially content creators. You can trust them to create original, high-quality content around your brand and products, that has good potential to convert. In fact, products endorsed by Influencers have a greater impact than other types of messaging. When Influencers review or recommend a product, it works in favor of your brand.

You can tap into YouTube Influencers and Instagram Influencers to conduct video reviews for your products. You can also get Influencers to do live reviews and demonstrations for your products.  

Here’s an example of a product review – 

Source: Oberlo

Create New Product Lines and/or Capsule Collections 

Get Influencer partners to work on creating a new product line. Or, you can ask them to create a capsule collection for your brand. 

Tap into the niche expertise of your Influencer partners to build out new products and/or product lines for your brand. Take the example of Becca Cosmetics collaboration with Chrissy Teigen- BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Cravings Collection. 

Source: Top Ten Media 

By getting Influencers to create a new collection or product for your brand, you are making a good investment. Attract Influencers’ fans and followers with such capsule collections and generate conversions in the process.  

Featured collections and products with your Influencer partners lead to expanded reach and eventually generate awareness about your brand. 

Push Out Content Featuring Your Influencer Partners 

Push out digital content featuring your Influencer partners to generate maximum awareness about your brand. Leverage social media platforms to create and share content featuring niche Influencers. 

Use live streaming format to generate real-time engagement and expand brand awareness in the process. You can also let Influencers take over your social media handles to create interesting content for your brand. Don’t forget to add mentions for your brands on your Influencer partners’ posts.  

Daniel Wellington’s Influencer marketing campaign is a good example in this context. The brand has tapped into Influencer-generated content on social media to expand brand awareness. Not only is the brand posting content featuring Influencers, but Influencers are also posting content featuring the brand on their social media handles. Such a strategy can help expand reach and increase awareness about your brand, across platforms.  

Source: Influencer Champions

Source: Jihaniar Mahiranisa

Daniel Wellington has leveraged social media to partner with celebrity Influencers like Kendal Jenner to YouTube Vloggers with big follower bases like Alfie Deyes.  

Turn Influencers Into Long-Term Brand Ambassadors

Another way in which you can generate brand awareness and exposure is by bringing Influencers to become long-term brand ambassadors. Bringing Influencers on board as long-term brand ambassadors can help enhance brand awareness to a great extent. The longer an Influencer is associated with your brand, the greater the exposure for your brand. 

You can bring multiple different Influencers on board, to expand brand awareness on social media. Find a niche Influencer and collaborate on a long-term partnership. Leverage this long-term partnership to generate diverse content with Influencers and expand your brand awareness in the process.  

Run Contests And Giveaways With Influencers

Combine the power of Influencers with the buzz that social media contests and giveaways can help generate. While the audience loves to participate in social media contests and giveaways that come with rewards, bringing the Influencer angle will help you get the much-needed attention and awareness for your brand. 

You can offer freebies, discounts, vouchers, and gifts to your audience for winning the contest. You can also give them a chance to meet their favorite Influencers as a reward for winning the contest. 

Here’s an example of a giveaway featuring an Influencer, for your inspiration- 

Source: Grin 


Investing in an Influencer marketing campaign can help you generate awareness about your brand. Here is a quick set of takeaways on how you can leverage Influencer partnerships to generate brand awareness-  

  • Ask Influencers to conduct reviews and recommendations for your products
  • Work with Influencers to launch new brand lines and products
  • Create and deliver content featuring your brand and product across digital platforms
  • Turn Influencers into long-term ambassadors to increase brand exposure
  • Run contests and giveaways featuring Influencers to generate buzz around your brand

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