Marico Travel Protect Launch Case Study


The Challenge

With growing fear and paranoia amongst people regarding the Pandemic, how do you truthfully and correctly deliver your proposition to the audience, while backing all the product claims?

The Goal

The Strategy

We created an Influencer Marketing Strategy where we specifically selected a wide variety of Influencers from Southern Indian cities, where the lockdown regulations had eased up in July & August . Along with the usual local celebrities and Influencers, we also selected influencers from various unconventional backgrounds such as Mom-Bloggers, Food- Bloggers, Fitness Bloggers, Travel Bloggers, Dancers, Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers, to emphasise on the ‘One-Product-Suits-All’ nature of the product and to try and reach the widest possible set of audience.

The content pieces put out by the influencers consisted of Instagram Stories, Videos and GIF, each covering a different aspect of the product features; all combined to deliver on a unified and uniform message that “Marico Travel Protect is safe and a need of the hour’. The content pieces put out, covered on Product Awareness (via stories) and Product Demo / Usage (Via GIFs and Videos)

The ‘situations’ where the product demonstration was shown, were kept relevant to the local regulations of the area / city (of the particular influencer) at the time. Wherever possible, we demonstrated using the product in places such as cafes, parks, shopping outlets, in grocery stores and public and private transport.

By harnessing the power of local and micro influencers, we could amp up on the CTA and believability factor of the product, all while curating content and messaging that was holistic, local and exhaustive.

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Who did we work with?

Our expertise lies in selecting the perfect fit of influencers for your campaign, driving the best content with optimum engagement. Hence we work with select influencers from across the pyramid of influencers and across several niches / verticals to deliver on your brief.

mega influencers

macro influencers

micro & nano influencers

the results

18 influencers created 36 pieces of content reaching out to 11 Million people