ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Case Study


The Goal

Protection and Preparation go hand in hand. Create on point topical content the help people with useful guidance from influencers to be best prepared for the new normal.

How did we achieve this?

We ensured the perfect fitment of influencers and brand to help convey the wholistic message of #TayariSahiToJeetPakki to their audiences. This included chosen influencers who created content around physical & mental health, fitness, food, lifestyle, parenting and finance.

Who did we work with?

Who did we work with?

Our expertise lies in selecting the perfect fit of influencers for your campaign, driving the best content with optimum engagement. Hence we work with select influencers from across the pyramid of influencers and across several niches / verticals to deliver on your brief.

Cat B mega influencers

5 macro influencers

74 micro & nano influencers

the results

10 influencers created 11 pieces of content reaching 2 Million people


top content


Emotional Well-being Of Kids The way children feel has a direct impact on their daily functioning - including their behaviour and productivity. This 2021, along with the physical fitness, let's also focus on the emotional wellbeing of our kids. Watch the video to know how. Kyuki agar tayari sahi ho, toh jeet paaki hain! -In association with ICICI Prudential Life.


Emotional Well-being Of Kids ICICI Prudential Life Insurance While you help your children stay mentally and physically prepared to achieve their dreams, ensure that you secure their future financially too!


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